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Personal Data  —  The New Oil

They’re already inside. Your mind.

Brace yourself for a dark journey through the digital underworld that threatens democracy and civil society by ‘hacking’ our brains.

A young filmmaker-turned-law student takes us on a dark tour, revealing a clandestine ecosystem hidden from public view - a digital underworld that threatens democracy and civil society by ‘hacking’ our brains.

We quickly see how our technology laws are failing to protect us, and what the social and political consequences will be if we don’t fix the laws — now.

From the writing and research, to the lighting design and cinematography, to the sound and graphic design — every element has been meticulously crafted to create an immersive experience.

Director's Notes
This project took its current form during a long walk home from an event at the University of Toronto on “Big Data”. With my backpack, notepad, and pencils, I had gone to the event intending to learn and take notes. Instead, I was faced with the uncomfortable reality of being one of the more knowledgeable people in the room. The experience was like watching Mark Zuckerberg take questions from 80-year-old politicians in Congress who can hardly comprehend the internet, let alone regulate it effectively.

Walking home, I realized there still isn’t enough social and policy research being done in the area — and the work that does exist is often too technical for the general population to understand and take an interest in. I finally saw the problem clearly, and began to formulate a solution. Quality research, explained well, in a visually-engaging, easily digestible format. The journey began.


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Current Status: film festival submissions
Thanks for your interest! The film is currently being submitted to film festivals. That means we can't host the film online - yet!

But stay tuned for updates! 😉